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IFM proudly announce its association with WIFPA

“It is to be recalled that in 1959 the raw stock of films crisis had cropped up as this imported item was controlled under the Essential Commodities Act and the quota of this raw stock was to be released only on recommendations of the Indian Motion Pictures Association (IMPPA). This quota system created a great hardship to the low budgeted and regional film producers as the maximum share of the raw stock was being taken away by the big and influential film producers” AND it was this time when J. P. Tiwari, the-then president of IMPPA who realizing the hardship of a certain group of film producers, resigned from there to fight out the injustice and unjust regulations in quota system. And under his advice and guidance, an another man of true principles S. Srivastava, along with like minded people with his vigorous initiative, got the effected film producers united and formed a ‘Body of Disgruntled Film Producers’ which later was transformed into a full-fledged Association named as WESTERN INDIA FILM PRODUCERS’ ASSOCATION. This is how the WIFPA took its birth in 1960, with its sole aim to enthuse, encourage and help the genuine value-based film producers. WIFPA‘s constitution was finalized and signed by its 15 founder members on March 22, 1960.

Indywood Film Market (IFM) is proud to announce its association with WIFPA


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