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No: of Rounds: 1

Age Category

  1. Applicable to anybody

Rules & Regulations

  1. The contests are open for online submissions only, through the contest page available on https://ifm.co.in/still-photography
  2. Photos must be in JPEG format.
  3. You are required to provide a unique title & description for each image submitted.
  4. Basic editing, including colour enhancement and cropping of the Photo(s) is acceptable, provided any such editing does not affect the authenticity and/or genuineness of the Photo.
  5. Advanced editing used to create illusions, deceptions and/or manipulations, and the adding and removing of significant elements within the frame is prohibited. If violated, contestant cannot take part in the competition. IFM & IndiaJoy Committee will be strictly reviewing the submission
  6. Every image uploaded is subject to a moderation process before it becomes visible on the contest page
  7. Vulgarity in any form is not allowed
  8. The committee has sole decision to change the rules at any time

Prizes & Opportunities

  1. Prize winners will be honored with Certificates & Opportunity for Entry to Indian Film Industry through Indywood Film Market and IndiaJoy


Registration & Submission Closing Date :
20th October 2022

Theme : Open Theme

Final Screening & Result Announcement :
2nd November, 2022