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The Power of Sound: Journey of India's 'Creative Sound Designer' - Shajith Koyeri


Are you ready for yet another Interesting IFM Tech Talks Session? Presented by Dolby, the Next Session of IFM TechTalks on 21st July 2020 @ 5:00 PM (IST) will feature the most Creative Sound Designer of Indian Film Industry - SHAJITH KOYERI Hosted By: Mr. Raj Vartak, Head Cinema - Sales, Dolby Technology Pvt Ltd

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shajith Koyeri

A pioneer in a Sync sound technique, Shajith Koyeri is a national award-winning creative Sound Designer. He started his professional journey with Fireflys Post Sound. His first independent work was with the movie, Perfect Husband in 2003, which was a turning point in his career. Known in the industry for his perfectionism, Shajith never lets the realistic ambience lose to captivate the audience inside the world which cinema creates. He won accolades from critics and viewers for his magnificent aural artistry, dedication and courage to experiment. He has worked for more than 75 films in total, winning the National and Filmfare Awards for Omkara, Filmfare award for Talwar, 7 Filmfare award nominations ,the Star Screen Award for Kaminey and IIFA award for Barfi & Haider. Some of his remarkable works include The Blue Umbrella, Omkara, Kaminey, Beyond the clouds, Talvaar, Dangal, Bala, Chicchore, Stree, Sui Dhaga, Panga,the Hollywood movie - DAM999 and many more